Virtual acceptance test of the FlexLas laser machine for micro-perforation and scribing of films

In the corona crisis, LANG LASER is taking a new approach to factory acceptance tests and the installation of its laser systems. For the first time, we successfully performed preliminary acceptance using live streaming, as well as remote installation and commissioning for several international customers.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated travel restrictions, LANG LASER has been conducting its day-to-day operations by virtual means. Because international customers could not travel in person to factory acceptance tests, and our service technicians could not perform commissioning on site, this has been done remotely.

This means we have been able to deliver laser systems as planned, and customers have been able to start production on schedule.

There are several factors that allow us to perform remote installation and commissioning. Before shipping, our standard machines are set up on a wrapping machine and tested on the customer’s material at high web speeds. Thus, the factory acceptance test is completed in full. The customer can take part on-site or can follow the factory acceptance test by live stream.

Successful remote installation and commissioning for a customer in Chile

Once we have developed a set routine for live-streamed factory acceptance tests at the production site, we will continue to offer this to our customers even after the crisis.

Successful remote installation and commissioning require the latest communication technologies, full digital configuration of our laser systems and the professionalism of our technicians. Of course the quality of our customers plays a crucial role as well.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers in Turkey, the USA, Chile etc. for cooperating so well with us to achieve this. Whenever possible, global remote installations and commissioning should always be completed with a technician physically present”, says Bernhard Lang, CEO of LANG LASER.


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