CartoLas Singular

Quick programming, functional and beautiful packaging

The CartoLas Singular is a fully equipped laser machine, compliant with laser safety class 1 and with CE. This also includes extraction, housing and security technology to LANG LASER standards.

The CartoLas Singular is used for processing and functional testing in the production of folding box prototypes. This allows the customer to review requirements and transfer data to a fully automated series machine.



Digital production, limitless design freedom

No mechanical cutting dies or creasing tools, thanks to laser technology. There are no limits on the cutting or scribing contours or the marking. You can also design surfaces with a different feel or add 3D effects.


Easy to operate and program

External CAD data, from simple geometries to intricate cut-outs, can be read in or directly set-up on the control unit using the simple programming.


Productive from prototype to series

The CartoLas Singular is used for digital production of folding boxes, either single pieces or in larger series.


Best quality

Digitally controlled optics modules deliver extremely high beam deflection speeds, ensuring high accuracy and compliance with specific quality standards for the smallest spot diameters.



Different working fields are selected at the touch of a button, thanks to flexible height adjustment of the laser scanner unit. This enables you to optimise processing quality for different box sizes.


No dust or smoke

Due to powerful surface extraction, laser output on the workpiece is completely unaffected. This ensures consistent processing quality.


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