FlexLas Liner WD

Precise and fast

FlexLas Liner – a technology that gives you the finest scribed lines in the material at high speed. The process runs in the web direction. The system is very flexible and, in addition to almost invisible scribed lines, can also be used for line segments, cut lines or perforations.



Economical thanks to high process speeds, with almost invisible scribed lines

This is achieved by individual laser beam sources attached to precise fixed optics. Using its own focusing optic, each beam produces a scribing or perforation pattern, which is synchronised with film printing if required.


No limitations on line spacing

The laser units are set up in the direction of the web run on 2 or more levels and are motor-operated across the entire web width, allowing any positioning the customer requires.


Fully equipped to LANG LASER standards

The FlexLas Liner is a fully equipped laser machine, compliant with laser safety class 1 and with CE. This includes the housing, extraction system, sensors, guide rollers for the film run and security technology. It works independently and is ready for integration into existing reel slitting machines or winders.


Easy to operate and program

Laser parameters defined via a material database

Storage of job data

Position correction before or during the process via “jog” functions


Quick to integrate and start

Integrate the machine into the reel slitter and operate independently in just a few seconds, realising applications of top quality.


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