Pharmaceutical and medical industry

Highly innovative and customisable: LANG facilitates modern and sustainable pharmaceutical packaging.

Its range of applications and special features make the laser an ideal tool for scribing, cutting and marking packaging for medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging, which also meets the high standards of this industry. In so-called “window-cutting”, an opening is cut from film and then laminated with an easy-to-open material. This process enables convenient removal of syringes or medical instruments.

Tablet packaging usually comprises a deep-draw blister and a cover film of aluminium foil. The cover film is easy to tear open for removal of individual tablets.

Modern and sustainable tablet packaging is 100 % plastic with no aluminium. Lasers weaken the cover film with proverbial surgical precision and are completely non-contact. This means individual tablets can be removed very easily from the packaging in the usual way.

StickPack is a packaging solution for medications in the form of gel or powder. This form of packaging is used for single doses and achieves high throughput with low material usage.

The StickPack usually consists of a high-barrier film like PET/AL/PE and is ideal as an opening aid for laser scribing. The very fine scribed lines make for safe and easy opening.

Liquid bags are mechanically separated in production after sealing. The punches used to do this are subject to wear, which causes plastic fibres to stick to the cut edge.

LANG laser systems play an essential role at this point in production, facilitating clean and fully fused cut edges with extremely high cutting capacity. The non-contact and wear-free process is increasingly being used, especially in sensitive areas.

We continually develop new technologies with our customers and let them share in our decades of expertise in laser processing. The exacting standards for the production processes and the industry’s rapid development demand solutions that are both creative and innovative.


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