Window-cutting is the perfect process for showing consumers the packaging content. The process is easily explained: a laser system for cutting paper is integrated into a laminating system. First, a laminating adhesive is applied to the reverse of a paper web. This paper web then runs through the laser system and as many window contours as required are cut out. A film web, which runs in sync with the paper web, is joined to the paper web via guide rollers, resulting in a paper-film composite with windows.

Windows are also cut in films for special applications.

LANG customers profit from the broad range of system technology, process know-how and services for an array of applications. Window-cutting, for example, makes use of extraction technology specifically developed by LANG to deal with sticky cut-outs. The customer’s operation is reliable and highly productive as a result.

Window-cutting usually uses laser power in the range of 300 to 600 watts.



from simple geometries to complex cut-outs


perfect cut quality


highly precise


high process speeds


reliable extraction of sticky cut-outs


wide range of materials from different types of paper and film

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