Laser systems to produce and finish folding boxes

LANG LASER delivers highly innovative laser technology for the production of folded boxes. The big advantage lies in the digital illustration of cutting and folding line processes. With the quick dynamic mirror beam scanning system the laser beam is exactly guided to the scribing, cutting, and engraving position on the cardboard web with extremely high speed. The lines and contours are created by a special graphics software, which is especially developed for these processes. The production of folded boxes is absolutely digital thanks to those of LANG LASER developed laser technology and allows quick product changes, short processing time and high flexibility. The system offers creasing and cutting production with high quality and high speed. It is also possible to realise very decorative cut-outs or engraving in the same working flow. Various printing companies and converters trust in our technology.

Your Advantages

No Die systems, no tools

No special plates

Lower production cost and higher availability of the machine

Higher flexibility and quick delivery time (Just in Time)

CartoLas Singular

The CartoLas Singular is ideal for the production of folding box prototypes. It can also be used profitably for small batch sizes, is easy to program and can be used without specialist laser knowledge.

CartoLas Singular

Die CartoLas Singular ist bestens geeignet für die Herstellung von Faltschachtel Prototypen. Sie kann aber auch profitabel bei kleinen Losgrößen eingesetzt werden, ist einfach programmierbar und auch ohne Laserfachwissen zu bedienen.


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