FlexLas Combi CW/WD

Always the best choice

Combines the two processes of FlexLas Liner and FlexLas Contour. The laser beam is reflected via a mirror system into a beam deflection unit or into the plane with one or more focusing heads.

This facilitates the finest scribed and perforated structures in the web direction, or cross-web applications and complex contours. FlexLas Combi is the optimal solution for a broad range of applications.



Limitless possibilities

The combination of different optics, beam deflection units and beam sources in one laser system offers maximum contour freedom and flexibility with perfect quality. Ideally suited for realisation of all customer wishes: future-proof multi-functional solution


Easy to use

At the touch of a button the benefits of a FlexLas Liner are automatically converted to the benefits of a FlexLas Contour.


Perfectly programmed

The MetroFlex programming software is impressive – it is extremely fast and easy to use.


Highly economical

High utilisation thanks to flexible use and broad range of applications.


Reliable functions

Many tasks are completed automatically – this saves time and avoids errors.


Fully equipped to LANG LASER standards.

The FlexLas Liner is a fully equipped laser machine, compliant with laser safety class 1 and with CE. This includes the housing, extraction system, sensors, guide rollers for the film run and security technology. It works independently and is ready for integration into existing reel slitting machines or winders.


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