FlexLas Window

For perfect edges

During lamination, packaging webs are joined together using a bonding agent. First, an adhesive is applied to the substrate web, consisting of paper or plastic film. This substrate web then runs through the FlexLas Window, which efficiently cuts as many contours as the customer requires, in high quality and with perfect edges – and regardless of the complexity of the contours.

The second web is then pressed against the first to form a duplex or two-layer laminate. The result is attractive packaging that allows the consumer to view the contents through the window. This window technology is also used in the medical sector for the removal of sterile products.



Easy to integrate

Can easily be integrated into all standard lamination systems available on the market.


Complete solution

Cut-outs bonded with adhesive are pulled reliably from the laser process area and transferred perfectly to the pre-separator.


For any substrate material

Regardless of the type of paper or film being processed, LANG LASER’s laser beam sources always deliver outstanding results.


More convenient

The laser scanner units are motor-operated across the web run. Thanks to the jog function, the cut-outs can be positioned and adjusted if required without stopping the web.


Fully equipped to LANG LASER standards

The FlexLas Window is a fully equipped laser machine, compliant with laser safety class 1 and with CE. This includes the housing, specifically designed extraction system for sticky cut-outs, sensors, guide rollers for the film run and security technology. It works independently and is ready for integration into all standard lamination systems.


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