Training program

Specific training increases your company’s knowledge base, enabling you to outgrow the competition. Only well-trained employees truly exploit the potential of the laser systems, machines, process monitoring systems and software.

LANG LASER offers different training options under the best conditions. Participants learn the theory and practice in perfectly equipped training rooms and a well-appointed Application Centre.

All the laser processes are available on reel slitting machines and lamination systems in the LANG Application Centre, which covers an area of 1,000 square metres. We offer our participants extensive and customer-oriented training. An analysis lab (tensile tests and microscopy) for evaluation of process results is directly connected to the laser Application Centre.

We offer:

Basic training

  • To guarantee optimal operation of your laser system
  • Topics on laser safety
  • Preventative maintenance to ensure optimal laser output, increase the service life of the laser system and improve product quality

Process optimisation

  • Advanced training to make laser processes efficient and achieve high-quality results
  • Improve existing flows – new ways of enhancing performance
  • Training direct on the machine in our Application Centre

Customised training, tailored to your needs

  • Whether a variation of existing laser processes or the use of new materials – with our expertise you will be on course for success. Depending on requirements, find new inspiration, optimise individual processes or develop new fields of application.
  • Secure your advanced knowledge now, so you can always react flexibly to new requirements from your customers.


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