Paper industry

LANG LASER products facilitate completely new production possibilities in all areas of paper processing. Besides systems for scribing and cutting, we also offer new technologies for perforation of cigarette filters or micro perforation to prevent counterfeiting of security documents.



  • flexible positioning and number of holes
  • free choice of hole size from 50 μm to 300 μm
  • porosity from 100 – 4000 CU
  • energy effective laser system
  • performing up to 1 million perforations a second
  • 8 / 16 / 32 perforation heads
  • highest laser safety standards


  • bobbin paper width 100 mm / 270 mm;
    other width on request
  • max winding speed 700 m/min
  • best winding quality
  • slitting unit max. 4
  • highest safety standards

IPC Inline Porosity Control

is a proven detection system and was specially developed for perforating tipping paper.

Your advantages:

  • 100% process control to ensure the highest perforation quality
  • Quality report for each bobbin
  • Reduction of setup times
  • High speed camera to control the perforation process up to 500m/min

Perforation of tipping paper

In the tobacco industry, tipping paper is the name for the paper on cigarette tips. It is the outer casing of the filter section on a cigarette and connects the tobacco roll to the filter. The intensity of the released smoke is controlled by a laser perforation in the tipping paper.

This perforation is currently achieved using a CO2 laser combined with a polygon mirror and several focusing heads. LANG LASER has developed a completely new process for a major cigarette manufacturer, which offers many benefits compared to the polygon technology, performing up to 1 million perforations a second:

  • flexible positioning and number of holes
  • free choice of hole size from 50 µm to 300 µm
  • porosity from 50 – 4,500 CU
  • low laser output
  • cost-effective solution
  • easy to modulate

Separation of sheet formats

In the field of offset printing machines, customers like a smaller sheet format for the downstream processes after printing. Along with HEIDELBERGER, the printing machine manufacturer, LANG offers a complete laser solution that is integrated directly into the printing machine. The large-format sheets are precisely cut in the centre by the lasers at a high clock rate. The integrated laser system from LANG ensures that the cut edges are absolutely precise, residue-free and perfect along the entire length.

Laser cutting of windows in packaging

A lot of packaging has a window to guarantee optimal product presentation. On a laminating machine, any contour the customer requires is cut in the paper web and then laminated with a film web. This results in windows for perfect product presentation when processed into stand-up pouches.

Laser perforation and laser cutting of kraft paper bags

Manufacturers of kraft paper bags focus on the development of prospective materials or pulp, in order to increase paper strength and thus mechanical strength too. Another strong trend is the use of laser technology for perforation, cutting or scribing. This enables kraft paper bags to be filled more quickly, or opened more easily by consumers. Thanks to laser technology, even punched holes, which had to be produced mechanically in the past, can now be achieved very flexibly at high web speeds.

LANG LASER offers the perfect solution for every application.


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