Lasers for your production

As a high-tech company, we have been a significant success factor in industrial laser material processing for over 25 years. Based on our experience and our expertise, we advise and support you in choosing the right machine and the best solution for your needs.

In a wide variety of industry sectors, we are well known for the development and production of tailor-made, reliable and economical laser systems. These include the packaging, cardboard and paper industries, as well as security technology for our main markets.

Research and development

The focus is on application-oriented development of new processes and laser systems.

The versatility and flexibility of laser processes offer enormous potential to enable novel applications through innovative developments. As one of the leading companies focusing on laser processing of flexible materials for the food industry, industrial sector and pharmaceutical industry, we are a project partner on the widest variety of research and funding projects for laser technology.



LANG LASER is partnering well-known companies as they move to digital production of folding boxes.

Outstandingly innovative: LANG LASER-System

LANG LASER-System is one of Germany’s most innovative small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) / prize presented by Ranga Yogeshwar

Ummendorf – success thanks to entrepreneurial vision: LANG LASER-System GmbH is honoured as one of Germany’s most innovative SMEs on 26 June at the German SME Summit in Essen. “Top 100” Mentor Ranga Yogeshwar honoured the Ummendorf company with the “Top 100” award, which has been presented for over 20 years. LANG LASER-System had to undergo a two-stage analytical process before the prize was awarded.

Cutting, perforation, scribing or structuring – no problem for machines from LANG LASER-System GmbH. The “Top 100” company from Ummendorf produces lasers that are used to make micro holes in plastic films, for example. One use of this technique is to keep portion-pack salads in the supermarket fresh and crisp for longer. Even the serial numbers on international passports are applied using machines from the “Top Innovator”. State printing facilities in 34 countries are currently working with innovative products from the medium-sized business in Upper Swabia. The success is clear: LANG LASER-System makes 60 % of its profit from market innovations and inventive enhancements, which the company brought to market three years before the competition. Turnover was increased by 30 % last year thanks to quality-improving process innovations.

The “Top Innovator” develops innovations in a multitude of ways: on the one hand, CEO Bernhard Lang is himself a consultant to a global group, which ensures continual external input. On the other, the team of 35 are consistently encouraged to think innovatively. “Like many other companies, we too are dealing with a skills shortage”, says CEO Bernhard Lang, “that’s why in addition to traditional job advertisements, we also rely on the concept of ‘employees recruit employees’”. Anyone who recruits a new imaginative colleague receives a bonus. That could be lucrative over the next three years: the company wants to grow by another 50 employees.

“Our good ideas and their rapid implementation are a key competitive factor for us”, declares the CEO. “Accordingly, we are investing a lot of time and effort in our innovation management. This relies on the inventiveness of all employees. They deserve my thanks for the achievement of the “Top 100” award.”

The winners of the “Top 100” award are chosen on the basis of a two-stage analysis, which was developed by Professor Nikolaus Franke and his team from the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). The academics examine the innovation management and innovative success of the SMEs using over 100 parameters in five categories. The ultimate decision over which companies should be “Top 100” winners is made by the Scientific Director, Professor Franke.

This year, Franke and his team have reviewed more applications than ever before: of 302 entries, 234 companies made it into the final. 178 of these received the award in three size categories (maximum of 100 companies per size category). The prizes were presented during the German SME Summit in Essen.

The “Top 100” are outstanding in every regard: they include 71 national market leaders and even 31 world market leaders. Between them, the “Top Innovators” have registered 3,405 national and international patents over the last three years. Almost 41 percent of their turnover came from market innovations and enhancements, which they brought to market before the competition (average for all SMEs in Germany: 6.6 percent). Their success is not a matter of chance: the Top Innovators invest an average of 10.5 % of their revenue in research and development (average for all SMEs in Germany: 1.5 percent). Two thirds of the “Top 100” are family companies.

Embracing the gaps

Portion-pack salads stay crisp and fresh in the supermarket thanks to the micro holes in the plastic film – made by machines from LANG LASER-System GmbH with precision laser pulses.

As a pioneer, LANG LASER supplied the first laser system to a packaging manufacturer in Switzerland back in 1995.

This was followed by orders from Latin America and later from all over Europe and the USA. 10 years later in 2005, the laser process for easy-open packaging was globally established.


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