Drinks industry

Innovative laser processes, such as perforation, are indispensable for modern carton packaging. Cartons protect drinks like water, juice, milk or other liquid foods and ensure optimal shelf life.

Trends like the use of renewable and fully recyclable materials or the possibilities of heating carton packaging, require new technologies and lead to sustained industry growth.

A lot of carton packaging in the production chain is already processed with LANG lasers. Lasers are used, for example, to perforate the openings that are torn to pour out the liquids. As the packaging is mass-produced, our customers benefit from durable and highly precise machine concepts.

With a special laser pulse process, LANG offers key advantages compared to previous polygon technology:

  • high flexibility of perforation length and arrangement
  • laser perforation can be continuous or based on print marks
  • consistent processing quality from 1 m/min. to 500 m/min.

-> No scrap material

A high-barrier alternative is used instead of aluminium, for reasons of sustainability and to allow cartons to be heated for hot drinks. The requirements for precise laser perforation are especially demanding here.

The carton is ablated selectively up to the high-barrier layer on a width of around 70µm, so that the pack can be opened easily, or a straw can be inserted at the laser-weakened point.

We continually develop new technologies with our customers and let them share in our decades of expertise in laser processing. The high demands of the production processes require creative and innovative solutions.

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