FlexLas Contour CW

Flexible and versatile

Scribing is also often effected across the direction of the web, i.e. “cross web”, or CW for short. An array of applications can be realised by synchronising the scribed lines to the print mark: from simple lines to complex contours for resealable flaps. Diagonal and semicircular openings can also be produced with the highest precision.



Highest dynamic and perfect results

Digitally controlled optics modules deliver extremely high beam deflection speeds, ensuring high accuracy and compliance with specific quality standards for the smallest spot diameters.


Short set-up times with high complexity

The laser scanner units are motor-operated, i.e. after selection of a saved job, the laser units move to the correct position automatically and the process data is loaded. As a result, it only takes a few minutes to start production after a job change. This makes the FlexLas Contour easy and efficient for the user.


Fully equipped to LANG LASER standards

The FlexLas Contour is a fully equipped laser machine, compliant with laser safety class 1 and with CE. This includes the housing, extraction system, sensors, guide rollers for the film run and security technology. It works independently and is ready for integration into existing reel slitting machines or winders.


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