FlexLas Pouch

High-quality laser processing

You are perfectly equipped with the FlexLas Pouch – whether you want to scribe lines or contours. Integrated into all standard bag machines, the FlexLas Pouch is used after folding of the flat film. The scribed lines are then applied congruently from the front and back, guaranteeing easy opening of the bag.




Due to the slower web speeds on bag machines, you benefit from the use of lower laser output while still achieving high-quality laser processing.


Full flexibility

You have the choice of a continual, dashed or dotted scribed line, for high-quality opening behaviour – even on innovative composite films.


Maximum reproducibility

Whether in clocked or continual web run, you always get a consistent scribing depth.


Quick to integrate and start

Integrate the FlexLas Pouch into the bag machine and operate independently in just a few seconds, realising applications of top quality.


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