FlexLas Perfo

Precise and fast

The packaging industry’s requirements are growing in terms of exact compliance with hole size for perforation. Thanks to a variety of imaging systems and laser wavelengths, hole diameters ranging from a few µm to several millimetres can be achieved. With the FlexLas Perfo combined with our proven WSC (web speed compensation) module, LANG offers you a solution for innovative applications, which offers many possibilities for the exchange of gases (MAP), pressure compensation or dosing of liquids/gases and ripening processes.

As a pioneer in the micro perforation of packaging materials with around 20 years’ experience, we pass on our know-how so that you can benefit from reliable, highly precise and highly productive laser systems for industrial production.



Round holes even at high process speeds

This is down to the proven WSC (web speed compensation) module. This technology, also known as “mark on the fly”, guarantees circular holes of the desired size and layout even at high web speeds.


Highly flexible

This is due to individual laser beam sources firmly attached to the WSC module, which, in addition to perforation, is also ideally suited to scribing. In the “home” position, the WSC module is used as a fixed optic system. One special feature is the control of the FlexLas Perfo, allowing each laser unit to be used individually for perforation or scribing.


Economical entry model

Depending on your needs, the FlexLas Perfo is available in various configurations.

The modular principle and retrofitting capability of individual perforation units allow for a customised design.



Thanks to the innovative lens systems and numerous clever functions, you can realise micro perforations of different diameters with the highest precision.


High process security

You can monitor and control hole diameter using the optional inspection system. This option guarantees you perfect quality, and you’ll have higher production security than ever before.


Quick to integrate and start

Integrate the FlexLas Perfo into the reel slitting machine or winder and operate independently in just a few seconds, realising micro perforations of top quality.


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