Folding box production

The paper and cardboard industry is one of LANG’s biggest future fields: the pace of innovations in this sector is high. In addition to flexibility and processing variety, economical production is an important field for which many new digital solutions are emerging, even for small batch sizes.

From the idea and process development to the configuration of the digital production system – LANG is there for its packaging customers. Thanks to our extensive industry knowledge, we help folding box manufacturers implement new technologies and promote their own products. Batch size from 1 to mass production plays a critical role in this.

New box shapes


Personalisation / finishing

There is currently a strong trend in the paper and packaging industry for personalised and enhanced products. Runs with enhanced or personalised packaging are increasing, such as chocolate packaging with added names or portrait photographs.


Processed surfaces have a feel that is similar to a leather finish.

Thanks to the scanner technology, the laser beam can be moved very quickly over the cardboard surface, producing structured areas with a different feel within seconds.

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