WindowLine 1300

Technical data

Web width
Max. 1,350mm – min. 600 mm
Laminating width
1,330 mm
Roll diameter unwinder
Max. 1,000 mm
Roll diameter winder
Max. 1,000 mm
Mechanical speed
500 m/min.
Laser output
200 – 600 watts CO2 laser (24-month warranty)
Scanner technology
Highly dynamic 3-axis scanner (digital)
Laser axes
Motor-operated / optimal positioning across the web run
Position saving via HMI and additional jog function for easy position correction without stopping the web.
Extraction/filter system

Specially developed system for effortless extraction and ejection via a pre-separator of sticky cut-outs produced when window-cutting. The pollutant emissions produced during the laser process are filtered via a 4-stage filtering system and fed into the air via the customer’s own duct system.


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