WindowLine 1300


Inspection system for process monitoring

Image processing a the highest level based on two high-resolution cameras – that’s what process monitoring systems from LANG LASER have to offer.

They facilitate laser process images on running film webs up to 1,000 m/min. To achieve this, the cameras are motor-operated across the web to capture the laser processing zones with the highest precision and display the corresponding images on the monitor.

  • Modular concept can also be integrated as a retrofit
  • Convenient operation
  • Image quality of the highest level
  • 100 % report overview for super-fast navigation
  • Choice of different flash systems for different web surfaces
  • Extensive software functions
Expanded laser axes

Additional axes fitted with a choice of focusing units or WSC (web speed compensation) modules expand the range of applications and, thus, the flexibility of the WindowLine 1300.

You benefit from additional applications when the system is used as a winder. You can, for example, scribe opening aids in the web direction (WD), cross web (CW) or free contours, or perforate applications for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

Your benefit: the WindowLine 1300 is extremely versatile, increasing your utilisation.


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