Micro perforation

In perforation, the laser beam produces microscopically small holes without contact, with a diameter from 60 μm to approx. 200μm and larger, depending on individual requirements. Besides the laser parameters, such as pulse peak power, pulse duration and wavelength,

the different films and film composites are also influencing factors.

A brief laser pulse with high power density applies the energy to the film very quickly for perforation. This vaporises the material with little material melt out at the edge. The greater the pulse energy, the more the material melts and vaporises.


WSC – precise perforation !!!

One special feature is laser processing with so-called WSC technology (web speed compensation), which synchronises a highly dynamic deflection mirror with the film web for the duration of the pulse. This results in evenly round holes at web speeds up to 400 m/min. Even if the speed changes during acceleration, our technology facilitates consistent quality.


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