FlexLas Perfo



PerfControl is directly connected to the WSC module and is an inline inspection system used to detect deviating hole diameters or missing holes. The system is designed for transparent and printed flexible materials. High-speed cameras with inspection software, which actively readjusts the laser pulses for hole diameter alterations, or emits a signal in the event of missing holes or major deviations and stops the process.

The measured hole diameters are depicted on a diagram for each line of perforation.

Included: hardware and software, pre-installed and integrated into the FlexLas Perfo system. Inline laser perforation control for flexible packaging.


Several processes have developed from the basic principle of single perforation with WSC. One of the processes is scanner technology.

On a 2-axis scanner, the laser beam is focused using a far-field lens (f-theta objective) or a lens system at the processing level.

On the 3-axis scanner, a linear movable lens is used for focusing, which diverges the beam. The laser beam is focused at the processing level using either one or two focusing lenses. The laser beam is guided along the X and Y axis by changing the angle of the mirrors and focused at the processing level using the corresponding imaging optics. A processing field is created, in which perforations of any layout, number and size can be applied to the material web. The technology known as “mark on the fly” guarantees circular holes even at high web speeds.


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