FlexLas Combi CW/WD


Double or multi-focus optics

For simple use at the focusing head with scale to adjust the distance from 0 to 5 mm. With double or multi-focus optics, the laser beam is split before the lens into 2 or more focus points of equal strength. The spacing of the lines can be adjusted using a scale on the optics mounting.

This option can also be ordered as a retrofit. It can easily be adapted by the customer – without the assistance of a LANG LASER technician on site – to the existing focusing unit.

Inspection system for process monitoring

Image processing a the highest level based on two high-resolution cameras – that’s what process monitoring systems from LANG LASER have to offer.

They facilitate laser process images on running film webs up to 1,000 m/min. To achieve this, the cameras are motor-operated across the web to capture the laser processing zones with the highest precision and display the corresponding images on the monitor.

  • Modular concept can also be integrated as a retrofit
  • Convenient operation
  • Image quality of the highest level.
  • 100 % report overview for super-fast navigation
  • Choice of different flash systems for different web surfaces
  • Extensive software functions


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