Laser constructions for cardboard packaging for the production of prototypes and small batch series

Stylish, extraordinary packaging is what really makes products stand out.

Through the high functionality of our laser systems, even the most complex forms and structured surfaces can be effortlessly implemented. Our equipment cuts, scribes or perforates with the highest precision and enables the production of packaging with diverse capabilities.

Each laser precisely cuts straight or curved forms. Even very filigree forms are possible in areas where customary press cuts are at their limits.

Laser scribing even allows for curved folding edges. This then allows for the implementation of folded boxes with arched convex or concave forms.


Through scribing and perforation, the folding edges can be defined by complex surface structures.

This process allows for the implementation of extraordinary packaging.

A further individualization possibility is provided by the laser press cut through various forms, for example: in the form of lettering of graphic elements.