Für Cross-Web und Konturen

Scribing is also often done in the Cross Web direction. The solution is called LANG LASER MultiScribe CW and can be easily integrated into existing systems. MultiScribe CW is extremely dynamic and, if necessary, can remove only single layers without damaging the web and the barrier properties during the scribing process. The print mark control synchronises different scribing structures and thus allows numerous applications: from simple lines to complex contours for reclosable packaging. This means that even diagonal and semicircular openings of the highest precision can be made.

High-tech scanners ensure the necessary laser beam deflection. They can meet any challenge and master the smallest focus diameter, large work areas, highest deflection speeds and special quality standards. You can therefore achieve very fine, hardly visible, scribing lines.


Für Aufreißhilfen durch Perforation

Mit dem lasergestützten Easy Opening Verfahren können benutzerfreundliche Aufreißhilfen hergestellt werden. Im Beispiel einer PE-Verpackung wird durch eine aneinander gereihte Perforation ein reißverschlussartiges Öffnen erzielt. Diese Funktion findet in der modernen Verpackungsindustrie vielseitige Anwendung.

Your Advantages
  • Finest perforations
  • Unlimited contour freedom
  • Innovative packaging
  • Best suitability for complex processes
  • Highest use flexibility
Laserconfiguration Cross Web

Laser Configuration
Cross Web

Ritzlinien Cross Web

Scribing lines
Cross Web

Form Ritzlinien Cross Web

Cross Web

Stanzung Cross Web

Cross Web

Laser Scribing