EasyScribe für Bahnmaterial


LANG LASER EasyScribe WD technology, offer the finest scratch lines at high speed, higher precision and higher quality. The process runs in web direction, and the scribing is done with individual laser beam sources and precision optics. Each beam produces a scratch or perforation pattern via its own focusing optics. The process can be also synchronised with the print mark.

Your advantages:


  • best performance up to 16 heads
  • Scribing and perforating processes in a single production step
  • Combination of different hole sizes and scribing line lengths
  • Quicker product change
  • Consistently high quality
  • Powerful, easy-to-use control software
Laserconfiguration Web Direction

Laser Configuration
Web Direction

Ritzlinien Web Direction

Scribing lines
Web Direction

Microperforation Web Direction

Web Direction

Laser Scribing