CombiScribe für CW + WD Anwendungen


Combine the finest scribing and perforation structures in the web direction with any desired contour in the cross-web direction with CombiScribe WD/CW. The optimum solution for complex production processes.

The successful combination of both methods opens up an entirely new world for you. CombiScribe WD/CW allows you to enhance your packaging with evermore innovative elements.

The combination of different optics, deflection units and beam sources in a single laser system offers you almost unlimited possibilities. All your wishes will be fulfilled.

Your advantages:


  • Finest perforations
  • Unlimited contour freedom
  • Innovative packaging
  • Best suitability for complex processes
  • Highest use flexibility
Laserconfiguration Web Direction

Laser Configuration
Web Direction

Ritzlinien Web Direction

Scribing lines
Web Direction

Microperforation Web Direction

Web Direction

Laserconfiguration Cross Web

Laser Configuration
Cross Web

Ritzlinien Cross Web

Cribing lines in
Cross Web Direction

Form Ritzlinien Cross Web

Cross Web

Stanzung Cross Web

Cross Web

Laser Scribing